Please join us in welcoming Shannon Huey to our TEAM. Shannon will be taking on a newly defined position as Director of Operations. In this role she will seek to streamline the overall management of the business; and will be overseeing many of PTL’s daily activities, directing and coordinating actions across the organization, and overseeing our various departments. Shannon will manage resources, along with developing, maintaining, and improving operational plans; ensuring that tcompany procedures are properly executed and that policies are followed. She will be the direct liaison, communicating with the heads of various departments to ensure company compliance across the board, as well as developing individual plans for each department, and the company as a whole. Her direct roles will involve overseeing the call center, the filling team, the billing team, and the forms team; while monitoring interpreter relations, community outreach, and general technology. She will also oversee compliance and operational data delivery.

Shannon has a longstanding career in the medical field of over 22 years. She most recently comes to us from OHSU, where she was the Operations Manager for the Language Services Department and Volunteer Services for many years. Prior to that, she served in the United States Navy as a Hospital Corpsman which involved work as a Fleet Marine Force Combat Medic. She enjoys leadership positions where she can work closely with teams to create an engaged, creative, and fun work environment; one that allows for everyone to work at the top of their skillset. Her leadership roles also include Emergency Medicine, Immunizations and Allergy Clinic, Pediatrics, Family Practice, Internal Medicine, and Radiology. Her wealth of experience and background in these key areas will serve her well as she takes on this new role.

Shannon took an interest in Language Services when she was living in Portland, Oregon; working at a Legacy clinic, where she personally witnessed the health disparities for non-English speaking patients. She took the opportunity at OHSU in the Language Services Department, where she could have a direct impact, advocating for this type of work. She enjoys streamlining processes so that individuals and teams can enjoy their work environment and know that there is a forum to think through the removal of barriers that may impede one’s ability to complete core job responsibilities. Her leadership style includes active listening, open communications, encouraging critical thinking, creativity, and proactively working towards process improvement initiatives.

Shannon is an avid runner, swimmer, biker, and enjoys the outdoors. Her favorite places to go are the library and anywhere out in nature. She also enjoys cooking and reading cookbooks. Shannon was raised in Saudi Arabia and has enjoyed traveling throughout her life. She currently resides in Florida and works out of her home office there.

We are excited to have the opportunity to work with Shannon, and please join me in welcoming her to our team.