About the Owner

Passport To Languages Inc. is the brainchild of Robin Lawson, and was officially launched September of 1987. Earlier that same year, Robin returned home from a ski trip to Europe; reflecting on her inability at times to communicate with the locals. Out of slight frustration, determination, and entrepreneurial savvy, Robin formulated the slogan; “we connect you to the world”. Robin’s early intent was to help people and companies alike overcome language barriers, by simply providing interpreters and translators. As an innovator, Robin helped develop many of the course materials that are still used today in the Health Care Training for interpreters at PCC. Robin’s curiosity and passion for this industry have propelled the company to new heights. Each year we see new growth, and continue to be recognized at the national and local level. Passport To Languages Inc. is a registered woman owned business in Oregon’s Office of Minority, Women and Emerging Small Business.