Onsite Interpreting


A consecutive interpreter for Passport To Languages waits for the speaker to finish two to three sentences (or an idea), and then renders the speaker’s words into the target language. Our interpreters are professionally trained and many of them are nationally certified. Our consecutive interpreters serve our clients’ on site needs at medical and dental clinics, hospitals, government agencies, schools, the hotel industry, business sites, and others.


A simultaneous interpreter for Passport To Languages’ clients renders the speaker’s words into the target language as he or she is speaking. A tremendous level of concentration is required to perform this type of interpretation. Simultaneous interpreters typically work in teams of two. Because this mode of interpreting saves time, it is preferred for courts, many legal situations and conferences. It is also the preferred modality used in some business and school meetings. In addition, while using anticipation skills the interpreter finds that simultaneous interpreting is becoming more commonly used in emergency rooms to gather pertinent information quickly.